What our moments looked like – February 2016

February on the Gold Coast seemed to have an endless run of wet weekends and as a photographer who is drawn to the outdoors and sunshine this was challenging for me.  I am also drawn to moments so I wasn’t completely at a loss and I find plenty of opportunities to shoot indoors where our life as a family happens.  We went through a few changes as a family in February which were all positive.  Our twins gained confidence on their feet and wasted no time exploring every part of the house.  I often find them at the windows amidst a house that has been turned upside down, no doubt wishing they could be outside.  I’m looking forward to having adventures with them outdoors soon.  They are so inquisitive and love exploring their surroundings.  It can be a bit like chasing chickens trying to keep them from wandering off too far!

It fills my heart to see the sibling bond develop between all my sons and my hope is that through my pictures they will see themselves through my eyes.  When I see my eldest engaging in play with his younger brothers I’m full to overflowing.  It’s not all rosy, I have my fair share of tears to wipe away and conflict to mediate.  I focus a lot on my children individually and together because I’m just fascinated by their moments of wonder and interactions with each other.  I would like to see more of myself and my husband in the frame as well so I’ll work on that!

Photography is my creative outlet.  I enjoy digital and film photography and this month I’ve included some images from my film camera.  Film is such a great way to slow down and think about what is in the frame before you click the shutter.  The anticipation of what comes back off the roll after it has been developed is like opening presents at Christmas!  In an era of free clicks and an endless choice of digital cameras, it might be surprising for some to know that film is not dead!

So here, just past the middle of March are my personal favourite moments from our month in February.  Where is the year going?? x3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6142 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6151 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6442 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6446 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6671 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6772 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6777 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6793 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7060 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7117 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7133 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7230 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7516 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7624 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7642 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7696 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-86980023

2 x film shots above and below

3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-86980033 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6916


  1. Jenn on March 21, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    These are absolutely adorable!

    • Norleena Horton on March 21, 2016 at 8:42 pm

      Thank you so much Jenn!! I really appreciate your kind words!! x

  2. Adri on March 22, 2016 at 2:42 am

    Adore these

    • Norleena Horton on March 22, 2016 at 6:44 pm

      Thank you so much Adri!! I really appreciate your kind words! <3 xx

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