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Welcoming a newborn brings a family even closer together, whether it is the arrival of a first born or a new baby brother or sister.  These are important moments in the life of a family.   In Home Lifestyle photography for families has been gaining in popularity  as a way to capture the genuine emotion and connection of a family.  It is a style of photography which  incorporates story telling with authenticity and aims to create art out of the everyday.

What makes a Newborn Lifestyle session so special?

1. Your family will love it

When you tell Dad that today is the day for the photo shoot I bet he’s excited about it, right? If he knows he doesn’t have to pile a sleep deprived you and your preciously tiny newborn into the car but can instead relax at home he will undoubtedly be more relaxed and co-operative. Just being yourself, loving on each other and forgetting about the camera always brings out the deepest connection in family lifestyle sessions, especially when you are in your own home. If you already have children you don’t have to worry whether one or all will be ready to smile at the camera on cue.  I plan the session to take advantage of when everyone is engaged together or individually and I make sure the session is enjoyable for everyone. The smiles are always genuine, your love and connection is palpable and everyone who looks at your pictures will feel how much you love each other.  I get so many compliments on how natural and beautiful my clients’ pictures look because the moments I capture reflect the family’s true essence and its because my clients are more comfortable being at home.

father with newborn baby girl at home {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

 2. You will have your family’s story in pictures

How often do you start reminiscing with the words “do you remember how … ?” Will you remember how it felt to hold your children close, breathe them in, what their soft baby skin felt like, how tiny their newborn hands and feet were in yours? There is the adoring way you look at each other and that special expression of wonder your little ones have, how it feels to be a family, these are moments you won’t miss in a family lifestyle session. Which pictures will you hold most dear?  Will it be the pictures of all of you smiling so perfectly at the camera or the ones where you are laughing at each other, lost in the moment and tangled together so lovingly?  Your pictures are your memories, make them now while you can.  Time changes everything and so quickly!

mother with newborn baby girl and young son at home {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

3. Your newborn will know more about themselves

A newborn lifestyle session in your home captures all the precious details and moments of the first few weeks of your newborn’s life.  The best time to capture these special moments is when your baby is between 10 – 21 days old.  Seeing the tender love on your face as you hold them.  Knowing that you spent hours feeding them, holding them, caring for them before their memories of your love became tangible to them.  Seeing what they looked like when they yawned, looked at you, cried for you, were soothed by you.  Having pictures of their nursery which you spent so many hours lovingly decorating for them. Their newborn pictures give them the threads with which they weave their own story of love in their life.  Your memories of their first days and weeks with you are such an incredible gift to give them.  I highly recommend combining  a Fresh 48 session with a Newborn Lifestyle session.  A Fresh 48 session captures your first wonderful moments with your baby in their first 48 hours after birth. These two sessions combined capture moments that disappear all too quickly!

newborn baby girl in her nursery at home {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

4. Your home is your heart

Your real moments happen in your home.  They are so fleeting you might not even catch them yourself.  Life is an endless stream of beautiful moments caught between chaos especially when you have a newborn.  Your life is never the same when a baby joins your family.  You create your beautiful life in your home even though it may not always look straight out of a home design magazine. Mine never does!!! Every home has clutter and I don’t capture those details unless they are an important part of your story. I use unique angles and perspectives to focus only on your connection.  A general tidy up is all that is required.  I include the elements of your home that tell your story and reflect the essence of your family.

little brother with mother and baby sister at home {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

5. Your pictures will be unique

It is impossible for any two newborn lifestyle sessions to be the same.  Your pictures will reflect who your family is because no-one can replicate that, you are unique individuals.  I take the time to get to know you so that I don’t miss the moments that are important to you.  By the time it is time for your session, you will feel comfortable knowing I will be there to guide you and help you create the beautiful, natural and loving moments with your family.  Your family’s pictures will be cherished moments that you will look back on when your children are grown and you will be able to remember how they felt as clearly as if they were yesterday.

I specialise in lifestyle photography for families on the Gold Coast.  I especially love capturing the special connection families have with a newborn.  My goal is to capture your family’s essence and deliver images that are genuine, emotive and artistic.

Contact me to book a lifestyle session for your family.  I look forward to meeting you and capturing your special moments for you!

my best,

Norleena x

mother father brother family with newborn baby girl on the bed {Gold Coast Newborn Photographer}


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    Love your words, Norleena! Your in-home newborn sessions are amazing!

    • Norleena Horton on November 30, 2016 at 10:31 am

      Thank you so much Amy, I love everything about in home newborn sessions! x

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