Our moments in May 2016

May…  It was a month of slow happenings and long days that felt like walking through mud in concrete boots.  Our twins were in the worst of their teething, 4 molars and 4 eye teeth for each little boy, were pushing their way out and making my babies miserable.  Pain cries during the night, sharing our bed with 1 or 2 of the boys almost every night, turned us into walking zombie parents.  I don’t think our conversations even made sense if we had any!  If there was 30 seconds of silence between the cries of distress during the day it was unexpected bliss, or otherwise meant trouble!  Carrying two howling 18 month old 12kg boys at the same time is do-able but not all day, and so we often found ourselves in a pile up, on me, on the floor, riding out the storm, hoping another kiss or a squeezy cuddle will calm them, eventually.  Every day I wiped their tears and runny noses for seemingly the hundredth time, I soothed their cries, hugged my three boys as much and as often as they needed it, and deep in the chaos and cacophony, I found my quiet.   I forgot the world outside, lost in the centre of my universe, completely present and doing what fills my heart to overflowing.

While teething and disruption set the theme for the month, we certainly weren’t short of happy moments.  Here are a few from our month in May.  Thanks for stopping in to take a look!

my best

Norleena x

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