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I’m a Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer and I’m passionate about capturing authentic moments of love and connection for growing families like mine.  The more I do it for other families, the more I realise I need a Lifestyle Photographer to help me capture my own family’s connection, joy and expression.

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Newborn and Family Lifestyle Sessions – Three Little Chiefs Photography


I take a lot of pictures of my sons. I love the idea that they will be able to look back at their childhood and not only know something about their childhood before their first memories, but that they might also feel the wonder of the moments I captured of them.  In years to come I hope that they will be able to see how in awe of the world they were when they were children.  How they found wonder in the smallest of things and that they’ll feel how much their connection and love for each other and our family grew each day.

After I had my boys, photography became a way for me to preserve our moments because I knew there would be so much about their littleness that I would forget as time went on.  I want more for them in our pictures though. There are things I simply can’t capture as easily myself.  The moments that involve all of us together are really difficult to capture candidly.  The times we’re all playing together or lounging about on the bed.  The crazy moments when they’re bouncing all around and over us. The quiet moments when they’re feeling really snuggly and just want to sit with us and read a book.  The after nap snuggles and the way our son’s do the special affectionate things they do.  The calm after the falling tension of the storm.   I want our pictures to speak so loudly of what the love in our family feels like that our boys will never, for a second, doubt how much they are loved and cherished!

Our home is where our heart is.

Our days are filled with chaos, noise and mess and a tangle of arms and legs as we love on each other, growing together as a family with all its ups and downs, in our home. We yell and play, cuddle and laugh at our silliness together. These are the moments I want our family to have memories of.  I don’t really need the memory of the mess because I will never forget that!! I do really want the moments that are filled with our love and happiness of being a family. I often think about which picture I would value more when I’m really old and feeling nostalgic. Would it be the picture perfect pose or the moments captured in our home where our real family connection grows everyday? Our life isn’t picture perfect so it won’t be that one! A Lifestyle Photographer would come to our home, we wouldn’t have to worry about whether our children’s behaviour will be on point because we are all comfortable in our own home.  If we chose an outdoor location, we would be happy to play and enjoying our surroundings, while our lifestyle photographer  was attentive to capturing our memories.

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In Home Family Lifestyle Sessions – Three Little Chiefs Photography


I want all of us to be in the picture!

As the main picture taker I am often missing from the picture and I want to have pictures of all of us together. When I do try to get in the picture it has its limitations. I’ve done it all, iPhone selfies (which I am embarrassingly bad at), self timers and remote shutter controls (which my boys are now fascinated with), I just want to be free of that for a few hours! Whether I do it myself or ask my husband to take the picture, I am not fully in the moment. I’m consciously thinking about how I look, exposure, composition, position and always just hoping we catch a moment we can cherish. I don’t want to have the worry of setting up the shot and then trying to get it.

Take this day for example. I had to decide on my camera settings, get the tripod set up and positioned and set the exposure and focus. Without the boys in the room I took a few test shots to make sure I had it all ready. Then I brought in the boys, hoping I would get them all in position so that we ‘might’ end up with something decent. As soon as they see the remote they each want a turn with it so I decide to go with it and this is what we have. I LOVE it, but it was the shot before my eldest decided that it was time to point his behind at the camera. In the space of 15 minutes the boys took 27 pictures for this one and the window of opportunity had passed. As much as I love this picture, I had to contain my boys to get it and I’d love something more carefree and spontaneous.

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Two images taken with a remote shutter control 19 seconds apart!


I’d love to have a Lifestyle Photographer there to connect with us to keep the session flowing, work the angles around us, capturing us naturally while creatively using natural light.
My husband has the most beautiful smile but he freezes up when he’s in front of a camera, it just naturally takes a while for him to relax. I just know that beautiful smile and the sweetness I see from him with me and our boys would really shine through if we could relax and enjoy our lifestyle photography session in front of the camera but oblivious to it.

I want to see my family up on our walls!

Together our family is creating a life out of our moments and memories. We are the art in our daily life and capturing our family so that our pictures are a true reflection of who we are is so important to me. I don’t want just pictures of us. I want pictures of my family that truly reflect our personalities and our connection with each other. When my son’s look at my pictures of us on our walls they recognise themselves and their emotions because they lived the moment. They can feel what it was like again because they can see it, it’s not hidden on my phone or on my computer. If they don’t remember the moment, they’ll always have a reminder of it in print.  I hope that they’ll feel the wonder of their childhood moments and that they’ll weave all that wonder into the fabric of their life.

I would choose a Lifestyle Photographer who understands how to capture our everyday moments in the most beautiful way. One who is confident creating meaningful images in any type of natural light. Someone who connects with us as a family and understands which moments are important to us to have captured, and helps us create those moments together during our time with them.

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In Home Newborn and Family Lifestyle sessions – Three Little Chiefs Photography


Thinking of booking a Lifestyle Session for your family?

There are so many talented lifestyle photographers that I admire but these Australian Lifestyle Photographers are absolutely amazing.  I would book any of these Lifestyle Photographers for a session to photograph my family in a heartbeat.

If you would really love to have authentic, beautiful pictures of your family that you can cherish forever please consider booking a lifestyle photography session.  If you live in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth these talented photographers have an amazing eye for life, capturing authentic connection for their clients and creating art from the everyday.



Chelle Morrison

I try to capture the way people feel about each rather than just the way they look.  Their bonds to each other, the way they interact with their surroundings, their unique body language and the way they move through the world.  I do this though candid methods and by using a lot of details, light and shadows.


Newborn and Family Photography {Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer}



Justine Curran

I am a Sydney Family Photographer and Story telling is my passion.  My Family Photography sessions are about capturing real organic moments.

I love authenticity in documenting Families.  Portraits that have soul and meaning to you.  I will be fearless.  Let me tell your story.


Family Photography {Sydney Lifestyle Photographer}



Amy Shire

Amy is a lifestyle and documentary photographer based in Melbourne’s beautiful Port Phillip bay.

She captures the world from the curious perspective of her own children and others, and is passionate about chasing light and telling stories of heartfelt moments.


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Shonagh Stockdale and Tanya Limb

We are sisters Shonagh and Tanya from sunny Perth, Western Australia.  Although we are passionate about capturing our own children and documenting their childhood we equally love working together to share this style of photography with our clients.  

When it comes to capturing moments we love to incorporate light and movement to tell the story and create art pieces of families lives. 


Newborn and Family Photography {Perth Lifestyle Photographer}



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