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Stunning mum ~ expecting third baby | Gold Coast Maternity Photographer

By Norleena Horton | Jun 7, 2016 | 0 Comments
pregnant mother 36 weeks at home {gold coast maternity family photographer}

At 36 weeks this gorgeous mama looked absolutely stunning during her in home maternity session while she waits for her third baby to arrive.  Mum and Dad have decided to keep baby’s gender a surprise after both previous pregnancies with their daughters were known.

Relaxing in their home, we captured mum’s beautiful bump and some adorable moments as her husband and daughters snuggled up with her.  She is the centre of their universe and they are the centre of hers.  There is such a wonderful feeling around a family expecting a newborn.  The feelings of hope and boundless love for the little baby they haven’t yet met but are ready to welcome into their family.  Mixed with the uncertainty of how the little one will change their lives as they know it today, is the knowledge that their new baby will complete the circle of their family.

We are all very excited to hear the news of the arrival of a little baby boy or girl when they join this beautiful family very soon!

my best,

Norleena x

pregnant mother 36 weeks looking at baby bump at home {gold coast maternity family photographer}

pregnant mother 36 weeks at home {gold coast maternity family photographer}

pregnant mother relaxing at home {Gold Coast maternity family photographer}

daughter cuddling pregnant mother 36 weeks {gold coast maternity family photographer}

baby bump 36 weeks at home {gold coast maternity family photographer}

toddler girl cuddling pregnant mother at home {gold coast maternity family photographer}

sisters cuddling in home family photography {Gold Coast maternity photographer}

husband holding pregnant wife (gold Coast maternity photographer}

mother cuddling daughters at home {gold coast maternity family photographer}

family relaxing together at home {gold coast maternity photographer}

family together at home {Gold Coast maternity photographer}

sisters playing around baby crib at home {gold coast maternity family photographer}

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Norleena Horton is a Gold Coast lifestyle photographer

specialising in newborn and family photography in your home or on location.

Serving the Gold Coast region.

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Our moments in April 2016

By Norleena Horton | May 16, 2016 | 2 Comments
Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Looking back on our family moments in April, I am struck by just how ordinary they are.  While the twins are young we have kept close to home, but that changed for all of us in April as the twins explored the world beyond our front door.  I’ve watched them grow in confidence with their walking as it has turned into running everywhere.  I can see the bond between my sons developing every day and I try to catch those moments especially.  We have our growing pains as a family which are not easy for any of us, but through the process we are learning about each other as individuals and loving each other more for our uniqueness.  As ordinary as these moments are, they mean something to me because there is a little story about a part of our day in each of them that doesn’t need words, just feelings, of anticipation, wonder and love.

my best

Norleena x

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

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Expecting parents ~ May baby | Gold Coast Maternity Photographer

By Norleena Horton | May 12, 2016 | 0 Comments
pregnant mum with husband {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

So excited for these gorgeous expecting parents who are ready for their newborn baby boy to join them in just a couple of short weeks!  When I heard from them a little over a week ago they asked for a non traditional maternity shoot in their home.  They wanted to have pictures that were just about who they are and the way their life looks while mum is pregnant.  I have a feeling this little newborn is going to be one cool little dude!  Mum and Dad had a very special request to include their vintage car in their shoot.  I’m a lover of anything vintage so this was such a fun shoot to do for them!  I’m looking forward to meeting them when they are a family of three for baby boy’s Fresh 48 and then his Newborn Lifestyle session a few weeks later.  It’s guaranteed to give me baby fever!

my best

Norleena x

expecting parents relaxing on the couch at hom {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

expecting parents waiting for newborn arrival {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

husband holding pregnant wife's hand on belly {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

pregnant mum with husband {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

pregnant wife relaxing on husband at home {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

pregnant mum and husband in vintage car {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

expecting couple in vintage car {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

expecting parents standing in their doorway {gold coast maternity lifestyle photographer photography}

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Norleena Horton is a Gold Coast lifestyle photographer

specialising in newborn and family photography in your home or on location.

Serving the Gold Coast region.

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Newborn Baby Photography – 5 reasons why you should book a Lifestyle Session | Gold Coast Family Photographer

By Norleena Horton | Apr 25, 2016 | 2 Comments
brother with baby sister {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}

Welcoming a newborn brings a family even closer together, whether it is the arrival of a first born or a new baby brother or sister.  These are important moments in the life of a family.   In Home Lifestyle photography for families has been gaining in popularity  as a way to capture the genuine emotion and connection of a family.  It is a style of photography which  incorporates story telling with authenticity and aims to create art out of the everyday.

What makes a Newborn Lifestyle session so special?

1. Your family will love it

When you tell Dad that today is the day for the photo shoot I bet he’s excited about it, right? If he knows he doesn’t have to pile a sleep deprived you and your preciously tiny newborn into the car but can instead relax at home he will undoubtedly be more relaxed and co-operative. Just being yourself, loving on each other and forgetting about the camera always brings out the deepest connection in family lifestyle sessions, especially when you are in your own home. If you already have children you don’t have to worry whether one or all will be ready to smile at the camera on cue.  I plan the session to take advantage of when everyone is engaged together or individually and I make sure the session is enjoyable for everyone. The smiles are always genuine, your love and connection is palpable and everyone who looks at your pictures will feel how much you love each other.  I get so many compliments on how natural and beautiful my clients’ pictures look because the moments I capture reflect the family’s true essence and its because my clients are more comfortable being at home.

father with newborn baby girl at home {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

 2. You will have your family’s story in pictures

How often do you start reminiscing with the words “do you remember how … ?” Will you remember how it felt to hold your children close, breathe them in, what their soft baby skin felt like, how tiny their newborn hands and feet were in yours? There is the adoring way you look at each other and that special expression of wonder your little ones have, how it feels to be a family, these are moments you won’t miss in a family lifestyle session. Which pictures will you hold most dear?  Will it be the pictures of all of you smiling so perfectly at the camera or the ones where you are laughing at each other, lost in the moment and tangled together so lovingly?  Your pictures are your memories, make them now while you can.  Time changes everything and so quickly!

mother with newborn baby girl and young son at home {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

3. Your newborn will know more about themselves

A newborn lifestyle session in your home captures all the precious details and moments of the first few weeks of your newborn’s life.  The best time to capture these special moments is when your baby is between 10 – 21 days old.  Seeing the tender love on your face as you hold them.  Knowing that you spent hours feeding them, holding them, caring for them before their memories of your love became tangible to them.  Seeing what they looked like when they yawned, looked at you, cried for you, were soothed by you.  Having pictures of their nursery which you spent so many hours lovingly decorating for them. Their newborn pictures give them the threads with which they weave their own story of love in their life.  Your memories of their first days and weeks with you are such an incredible gift to give them.  I highly recommend combining  a Fresh 48 session with a Newborn Lifestyle session.  A Fresh 48 session captures your first wonderful moments with your baby in their first 48 hours after birth. These two sessions combined capture moments that disappear all too quickly!

newborn baby girl in her nursery at home {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

4. Your home is your heart

Your real moments happen in your home.  They are so fleeting you might not even catch them yourself.  Life is an endless stream of beautiful moments caught between chaos especially when you have a newborn.  Your life is never the same when a baby joins your family.  You create your beautiful life in your home even though it may not always look straight out of a home design magazine. Mine never does!!! Every home has clutter and I don’t capture those details unless they are an important part of your story. I use unique angles and perspectives to focus only on your connection.  A general tidy up is all that is required.  I include the elements of your home that tell your story and reflect the essence of your family.

little brother with mother and baby sister at home {Gold Coast Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

5. Your pictures will be unique

It is impossible for any two newborn lifestyle sessions to be the same.  Your pictures will reflect who your family is because no-one can replicate that, you are unique individuals.  I take the time to get to know you so that I don’t miss the moments that are important to you.  By the time it is time for your session, you will feel comfortable knowing I will be there to guide you and help you create the beautiful, natural and loving moments with your family.  Your family’s pictures will be cherished moments that you will look back on when your children are grown and you will be able to remember how they felt as clearly as if they were yesterday.

I specialise in lifestyle photography for families on the Gold Coast.  I especially love capturing the special connection families have with a newborn.  My goal is to capture your family’s essence and deliver images that are genuine, emotive and artistic.

Contact me to book a lifestyle session for your family.  I look forward to meeting you and capturing your special moments for you!

my best,

Norleena x

mother father brother family with newborn baby girl on the bed {Gold Coast Newborn Photographer}


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Norleena Horton is a Gold Coast lifestyle photographer

specialising in newborn and family photography in your home or on location.

Serving the Gold Coast region.

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Our moments in March 2016

By Norleena Horton | Apr 22, 2016 | 4 Comments
mother with 17 month old twins {Gold Coast Baby Photographer}

Of course I wanted to post my selection of our moments in March a lot earlier in April!  Life has taken over and I just haven’t had the chance to get to this post until now.  While I was thinking about this post I tried to remember what actually happened in March and I realised my short term memory is not as good as it used to be!  If we were having a conversation I would be looking at you blankly while I tried to recall what we did last month (terrible I know!).

Looking through the pictures I took last month, I was taken right back to the moments. So now I might develop a paranoia if I don’t pick up my camera every day, or most days anyway!  I recalled the day that L pulled a large ceramic mixing bowl out of the cupboard that fell on his left toes.  He has since lost his big toe nail as a result.  Not that there is a picture of that but I remember it was the same afternoon I took a picture of him in their playroom.  He’s one tough, energetic kid, and I expect there will be plenty of little accidents with him in the future!

I tried to get a picture of myself with the twins which has never been easy to do by myself, but it’s something I have been trying to do more.  Seriously, it’s chaos and the picture I have to show for it is proof.  Someone usually gets hurt and very often its me!  Rather than the perfect picture, this one will remind me of exactly how it feels to be their human jungle gym when they’re too big to climb all over me.

E and I played at our local park until later in the afternoon now that the change in season means earlier evenings.  I was excited for the opportunity to capture E playing during golden hour and still make it home in time for dinner!!  We all went on our first little hike together now that the twins are walking more confidently.  The last time we had been was when I was pregnant with Evan.  Since those pictures were taken on my phone I haven’t included them here.

I hope life is being good to you, thank you for taking the time to visit and maybe my April moments will make it here a lot sooner than almost June!  Here are some of my favourites from March.

Norleena x

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-7882

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-8156

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-8205

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-8464

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-8518

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-8785

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-8829

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-9098

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-9100

Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer-9127

17 month old twins playing at home {Gold Coast Lifestyle Photographer}

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Twin girls – three sisters | Ormeau Family Lifestyle Photographer

By Norleena Horton | Mar 26, 2016 | 2 Comments

I met three little sisters 18 months ago when the youngest twin girls were newborns in the Special Care Nursery of Pindara Hospital on the Gold Coast.  We got to know their parents quite well while our newborn twin sons were in the nursery at the same time.  Life has been busy for this gorgeous family since then and this was the first time I had seen them since we all left the hospital.

When I arrived at their home, Miss A was having her afternoon snack and waiting for her little sisters to wake up from their nap.  We had quite an interesting conversation while we waited.  She has grown into such an adorable, chatty little girl.

It wasn’t long before little M woke up and needed her mum for wake up cuddles.  While we waited for little Z to wake up the family played together in their children’s playroom.  Big sister was very keen to show me their playroom and what they liked to do together.  This is exactly the reason why I love in home family lifestyle sessions.  I fit in with your family’s routine.  The children are comfortable in their own environment and their routines make up your family’s story.  It takes absolutely no time at all for the children to accept that I’m there.  They can continue with their day uninterrupted while I capture their playful moments together.

With every in home lifestyle session I fall more in love with capturing authentic moments for families.   There is a tangible emotion attached to every image which is part of your family’s story.  My hope is that the moments I capture will be cherished memories in years to come.

Here are a few favourites from this relaxed and fun in home family lifestyle session.  These sisters are so adorable!!

View more beautifully real family moments in my in home family lifestyle gallery.

Contact me for an in home family lifestyle photography session that captures the essence of your family’s story.

my best,

Norleena x

little girl sisters afternoon snack {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

mother holding baby daughter post nap cuddles {Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer Family Photography}

little girl sisters playing at home {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

mother cuddling baby girl holding comforter {Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

little girl sisters playing at home {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

family playing together at home sisters {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

Mum helping toddler outside {Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

sisters playing on swings at home {Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

little girl light in her hair playing at home {Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer Photography}

relaxed family portrait at home sisters {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

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What our moments looked like – February 2016

By Norleena Horton | Mar 21, 2016 | 4 Comments

February on the Gold Coast seemed to have an endless run of wet weekends and as a photographer who is drawn to the outdoors and sunshine this was challenging for me.  I am also drawn to moments so I wasn’t completely at a loss and I find plenty of opportunities to shoot indoors where our life as a family happens.  We went through a few changes as a family in February which were all positive.  Our twins gained confidence on their feet and wasted no time exploring every part of the house.  I often find them at the windows amidst a house that has been turned upside down, no doubt wishing they could be outside.  I’m looking forward to having adventures with them outdoors soon.  They are so inquisitive and love exploring their surroundings.  It can be a bit like chasing chickens trying to keep them from wandering off too far!

It fills my heart to see the sibling bond develop between all my sons and my hope is that through my pictures they will see themselves through my eyes.  When I see my eldest engaging in play with his younger brothers I’m full to overflowing.  It’s not all rosy, I have my fair share of tears to wipe away and conflict to mediate.  I focus a lot on my children individually and together because I’m just fascinated by their moments of wonder and interactions with each other.  I would like to see more of myself and my husband in the frame as well so I’ll work on that!

Photography is my creative outlet.  I enjoy digital and film photography and this month I’ve included some images from my film camera.  Film is such a great way to slow down and think about what is in the frame before you click the shutter.  The anticipation of what comes back off the roll after it has been developed is like opening presents at Christmas!  In an era of free clicks and an endless choice of digital cameras, it might be surprising for some to know that film is not dead!

So here, just past the middle of March are my personal favourite moments from our month in February.  Where is the year going?? x3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6142 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6151 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6442 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6446 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6671 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6772 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6777 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6793 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7060 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7117 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7133 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7230 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7516 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7624 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7642 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-7696 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-86980023

2 x film shots above and below

3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-86980033 3LittleChiefs Personal Favourites-6916

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beautiful mum with her babies | Gold Coast In Home Lifestyle Session

By Norleena Horton | Mar 8, 2016 | 2 Comments

This beautiful mum with her babies has had a few lifestyle sessions with me since their youngest was a newborn, he was only 3 weeks old when I met him.   Every few months we’ve done a lifestyle session to capture their family’s moments as they grow and change over the year.  Their last session was full of fun and playful family beach photos.  It is so special to capture the complete adoration they all have for each other in their own environment, just being themselves.  Everyone feels so comfortable because they are in their own home, familiar with their own surroundings.  This is when in home lifestyle sessions really have so much to offer.  Sometimes it might take a short while for the children to get used to me being there, but once we get to know each other better it doesn’t take long before they are running about completely carefree and unrestricted.  I have caught amazing moments between siblings and parents.  They’re amazing because they’re unscripted, natural, authentic and full of real connection.

The simplest of moments hold such an extraordinary wealth of emotion.  You will feel your connection and love for your family in that moment, but if you have a picture of that moment, you will always be taken back to how it felt, forever.

This was such a relaxed session.  I had a bunch of flowers for the girls which ended up as confetti and created some really genuine fun filled moments.  I gave some guidance on positioning and just let the beautiful unscripted moments of togetherness between this beautiful mum and her babies unfold.

I honestly find it really difficult to select a few favourites to blog, but here are a few from this fun session that just give me all the feels. Gold Coast Family Photographer Lifestyle In Home Newborn Photography

If you are interested in seeing more from my family in home lifestyle sessions, you’ll find more beautifully real family moments in my in home lifestyle gallery

If you live on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane and you are interested in how a family or newborn in home lifestyle session with me will capture your family’s story, please contact me soon, I’d love to hear from you x

Mum holding babies at home {Gold Coast lifestyle family photographer} little sister with baby brother {Gold Coast Family Photographer} mum with baby boy {Gold Coast Family Photographer} mum kissing baby boy {Gold Coast Family Photographer} beautiful girl portrait {Gold Coast Family Photographer} baby girl portrait {Gold Coast Family Photographer} mum hugging kissing baby boy {Gold Coast Family Photographer} baby boy with mum {Gold Coast Family Photographer} tired baby boy with mum {Gold Coast Family Photographer} mum with babies play {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

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H Family Gold Coast Beach session

By Norleena Horton | Mar 8, 2016 | 0 Comments

When we discussed this busy Gold Coast family’s session in our pre session chat Mum shared that it had been 8 years since she had been able to have photos of her family done professionally.  I knew I had to give them something special.  We met at one of my favourite beach locations for family sessions at Miami on the Gold Coast.  The rocks provide some great backdrops and I love shooting back towards the sun with the rocks surrounding us.  A beach session is really special for some fun family moments.

Life gets busier for everyone as your family grows.  Every day everyone has their schedule and the rush of life just takes over the days and weeks and before you know it years have slipped by.  Little children grow up so quickly into young adults.  Even as life sweeps us along from one event to the next, it is wonderful to have pictures of you with your loved ones and feel the connection between your family.

As busy as they are, this beautiful family took some time out to enjoy the beach and have fun with each other.  Here are a few favourites from their session x Gold Coast Family Photography Beach Session Miami Beach

I’ve just started blogging my recent sessions, so if you’re interested in see more images from my outdoor Family Sessions, you’re most welcome to view my portfolio here

Gold Coast beach family photographer-1 Gold Coast beach family photographer-4748 Gold Coast beach family photographer-4753 Gold Coast beach family photographer-4809 Gold Coast beach family photographer-4837 Gold Coast beach family photographer-4928 Gold Coast beach family photographer-4954 Gold Coast beach family photographer-5022 Gold Coast beach family photographer-5048 Gold Coast beach family photographer-5055

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What our moments looked like January 2016

By Norleena Horton | Feb 1, 2016 | 4 Comments

I’ve never been really good at sharing pictures of myself or what happens in my family’s daily life mostly because I don’t think my life is that incredibly interesting. What I have realised over the past year as I share more about myself and my family, is how important it is to make memories out of our moments.  What might seem like an ordinary day contains so many small moments that I will never have the ability to recall without my photographs to look back on.

Our daily life may not be very interesting but all the moments we spend together as a family make up our story.  As my sons grow older my photos will tell them something about themselves and our life as a family because they won’t have any memories of their early years otherwise.  Through my photos they will stitch together their interpretation of their own story and our family’s story.  At the end of each month I’ll post a selection of my favourite personal images from our month, they might be messy and imperfect but there’s also so much beauty within the mess and I want to remember all of it, or at least try to!  Thank you for stopping by x

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-4556

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5143

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5153

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5241

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5371

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5385

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5623

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5717

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5722

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5779

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5803

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5821

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5905

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-5957

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-6005

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-6059

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-6063

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-6091

3LittleChiefs January Favourites-1160057

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