Beach Play ~ life is a tangle | Gold Coast Family Photographer

family snuggling and playing on beach {Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer}

Gold Coast weather played havoc with beach photography sessions throughout July.  We had to reschedule this session from a previous week but the day was perfect when we did get together at the Gold Coast Spit. I love photographing this beautiful family.  I have had the pleasure of watching their gorgeous children grow over the past…

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Our moments in July 2016

There have been a lot of times in my life when ‘what if?’ was used to explain why I shouldn’t do something.  What if I failed, what if something bad happened, what if I got hurt, what if I was rejected?  There have been times in my life when these questions have protected me from…

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Our moments in June 2016

Mum with young sons at home {Gold Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer}

I always find writing is such a long process for me which is why my personal blog posts always take me sooo long to put into words, and why I’m posting my selection of June moments in August!  June was a much better month for us after the beating we were given in May with…

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Our moments in March 2016

mother with 17 month old twins {Gold Coast Baby Photographer}

Of course I wanted to post my selection of our moments in March a lot earlier in April!  Life has taken over and I just haven’t had the chance to get to this post until now.  While I was thinking about this post I tried to remember what actually happened in March and I realised…

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What our moments looked like – February 2016

February on the Gold Coast seemed to have an endless run of wet weekends and as a photographer who is drawn to the outdoors and sunshine this was challenging for me.  I am also drawn to moments so I wasn’t completely at a loss and I find plenty of opportunities to shoot indoors where our…

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